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General Steel Headquarters - Colorado

Redefining Steel Buildings

General Steel Corporation has changed and redefined how America looks at steel buildings. Now it's easier than ever to purchase a name brand metal building from a reputable company.

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How General Steel Redefined Metal Buildings

In America we have all witnessed countless industries change and evolve to better serve its customers.  The steel building industry is no exception, before General Steel those wanting to take advantage of a pre-engineered metal building for their construction project had to turn to a contractor.  Today and over the past two decades General Steel has allowed the general public to cut out the middle man and purchase a steel building without paying a contractor’s retail price.

Unfortunately as in any other industry there are more pretenders than experts offering pre-engineered steel buildings.  Every day consumers search for a reputable steel building company but more often than not, they find themselves browsing through the website of a company who is just a pretender.  This is why brand names exist in every industry, a brand provides consumers a name they know and trust.

If you are searching for a dependable steel building company, General Steel is the brand America knows and has trusted with their projects for over two decades.  The purpose of this website is to demonstrate why General Steel is different.  Although General Steel is not “new” the experience you will have with the General is new to the steel building industry because it cannot be imitated.  Below are just a few of the reasons why America turns to General Steel for their most important business expansions and personal projects:

  • Support: When you choose a General Steel brand pre-engineered building you will have access to the General’s team of dedicated and experienced professionals.  At other steel companies the sales representative will be your salesman, project coordinator, engineer, shipping director, and procurement specialist.  On the other hand, when you work with General Steel you will have a team of experts who are individually dedicated to their craft united on your project.  Each of the General’s team members assigned to your project will go to any length to make sure your project is a success on every front including steel pricing, building design and engineering, delivery, and material procurement.

  • Quality: Many companies in the steel building industry will cut corners in order to obtain a deposit.  Unfortunately for the end user this can mean steel procured from Mexico or China and a building that will not last as long as you had hoped.  However, when you purchase a General Steel brand building you will get a building manufactured using only the highest quality American-made materials.  The General never cuts any corners when it comes to your steel building project, therefore your building will appreciate in value and remain intact for generations to come.

When you consider purchasing a pre-engineered metal building remember that this will be one of the most important projects of your life and a General Steel brand building is the best decision you can make.  Give General Steel a call today to see how the General can make your project a success and experience why it’s no wonder why when the White House needed a steel building, they called General Steel Corporation not just once but twice!

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